What to anticipate (and what to not count on) from Ubisoft in 2023

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And in the long run, that is the least seemingly Ubisoft recreation to be launched in 2023, or maybe ever. Which may be very unhappy.

Authentic 2003 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time It was a revelation. An distinctive recreation that reinvents how all third-person motion video games are performed, with a tremendous time-rewinding mechanic, and an awesome 3D platformer. Sadly, nobody else has had the sense to repeat them, and 20 years later we’re nonetheless caught in a morass of motion video games killing us endlessly, moderately than letting us proceed. Oh, and there was a Jake Gyllenyhaal film to rub salt within the wound.

A remake has been introduced in 2020, with an formidable launch date of January 2021. Spoiler alert: It didn’t, and it might need been for the most effective, given how terrible it was within the trailer above. Then, it was optimistically delayed solely till March twenty first, earlier than they appeared to confess to themselves that it regarded like a PS3 recreation, and kicked it on the highway. Later that 12 months, Ubisoft stated it will seem in fiscal 12 months 2022-2023, then took it from Indian builders Ubisoft Mumbai and gave it to Ubisoft Montreal, earlier than asserting one other delay this previous Could, with out even guessing on the fiscal 12 months.

Come final November, issues regarded even worse when Ubisoft canceled all pre-orders and refunded everybody. Maybe it’s an instructive lesson on why you shouldn’t pre-order video games that don’t exist but. writer He insists that the sport has not been cancelledhowever a brand new launch date has not but been urged, which implies that is unlikely even in 2024.

However hey, it is going to most likely come out Earlier than Past Good and Evil 2.