The place to seek out Illumise in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC

The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Teal Masks DLC brings again some older Bug-type Pokemon, like Technology 3’s Volbeat. Right here’s learn how to discover this Firefly Pokemon round Kitakami.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s Teal Masks DLC takes place within the land of Kitakami, impressed by rural Japan throughout the sprawling countryside.

As such, many returning Pokémon will discover themselves at residence among the many forests and rivers that populate the land. Insect-type Pokémon specifically are standard round Kitakami, with many returning like Yanma and Heracross.

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Together with these returning Pokémon come Illumise and its counterpart Volbeat, which has confirmed to be a little bit of a disappointment, however is a fairly attention-grabbing pair of Technology III Bug-types. Right here’s how trainers can discover Illumise whereas touring round Kitakami.

The place to seek out Illumise within the Teal Masks DLC

In keeping with Illumise’s Pokedex entry, it lives in grassy areas and It seems solely at evening. Nevertheless, not like Volbeat, Illumise isn’t a uncommon spawnso trainers ought to encounter one pretty shortly at evening.

To change the time to nighttime in Kitakami, Gamers should first end the primary quest Time will progress naturally like the bottom recreation.

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Illuminise spawns at evening within the following areas:

  • Kitakami Highway (earlier than and after the bus station)
  • Apple Hills
  • Mossville Confluence
  • Timeless Woods (rocky grassy space to the south)
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Does Illumise evolve in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Sadly, Illumise has not gained new growth In Pokemon Crimson and Purple. As such, it’s a bit tough to advocate catching Illumise aside from registering it within the Pokedex.

It’s additionally vital to notice that whereas Illumise and Volbeat are associated to one another within the recreation’s lore, they don’t share any in-game connection by way of growth.

By way of its use in battle, Illumise’s stats are fairly lackluster for a Pokemon with out an evolution. With a base stat whole of 430, a lot of her stats wrestle to assist her maintain her personal. Though her Particular Assault base of 73 and Velocity ​​of 85 isn’t too dangerous, she could have a tough time overcoming and surviving most tough encounters.

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And there you’ve gotten it! That’s all the things that you must find out about discovering Illumise in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Take a look at some useful Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides beneath:

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