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Aether Studios has launched a brand new trailer for the platform combating sport 2 opponentsbeforehand Ether opponents 2reveal Dungeons of the Aether The protagonist of Fleet as a playable character.

As well as, the sport Steam web page Out there now, making certain that PC will likely be among the many “as many platforms as doable” for which it will likely be out there.

Beneath is an outline of the sport, by way of file Steam web page:


The Aether Realm is a realm the place warring civilizations summon the facility of fireside, water, air and earth. And 2 opponents It’s a continuation of the first focus of the franchise – platform combating! Ether opponents Recognized for its aggressive depth, accessible gameplay, and 2 opponents It pushes each the franchise and the platform fighter style ahead.

2 opponents No corners are minimize with regards to gameplay! The sport now options Shields, Edges, Grips, and Throws as new additions to the sequence. We additionally characteristic three new particular strikes. Pummel Particular can be utilized by urgent the Particular button when you’ve an opponent holding it. The Ledge Particular can be utilized if you are hanging on the ledge and the Getup Particular can be utilized if you are dealing a killing blow. Every of those specials has distinctive makes use of and expands our character’s moveset.


  • Zetterborn – Zetterburn returns to 2 opponents Because the face of the franchise and a terrific introductory character. The son of the ruling household of the Firelands, Zetterburn is an skilled and skilled warrior. In battle, Zetterburn makes use of no weapons apart from his sharp claws and the flexibility to regulate flames.
    • “burn harm” – Zetterburn’s particular assaults can set opponents on hearth, dealing further harm to them over time.
    • “Wildfire” – The flames of Zetterburn’s Down Particular and Getup Particular Place take to the stage. These flames stay for a time frame, burning any opponents they arrive into contact with.
    • “Hearth Amp” – When the opponent is burning, Zetterburn’s highly effective assaults can take in the flames and launch the burning enemy twice the space, delivering an efficient killing blow.
  • Rano – Your favourite punching pacifist is again 2 opponents! Rano was generally known as a feared martial artist who was skilled by clever monks. However now he prefers to guard his swampy homeland in peace. When he has no different alternative, you possibly can see glimpses of his fast and deliberate strikes.
    • “poison piles” Ranno’s specials, highly effective assaults, and Jab Combo apply as much as 4 poison packs to his opponents. These stacks deal harm to opponents once they assault and may be eliminated by hitting Ranno.
    • “The Poisonous Entice” – The Ranno Ahead Particular, Down Particular, Ledge Particular, and Getup Particular can entice opponents in toxic bubbles that make it simpler for Ranno to mix. The size of time within the entice is dependent upon the variety of poison piles on the opponent.
    • “spin poison” – Rano’s restoration on stage has three choices. He begins it with a fast poisoned stab and knocks out opponents. After lunging he can shortly drop Poison to the platform with one other fast swipe. Or he can use Posion Spin to fireplace a bunch of Posion arrows in lots of instructions.
  • Rastor – The high-flying Wrastor returns for 2 opponents. The youngest cadet within the historical past of the Air Academy, Rastor has by no means been sure by anybody’s guidelines however his personal. Presently the Ace Air Armada, the Wrastor is working to wreak havoc among the many Armada’s enemies and generals alike.
    • “winged flight” Wrastor can bounce 4 instances, which makes him unimaginable at controlling the air and recovering from the toughest falls even when issues are wanting bleak.
    • “wind stream” Wrastor can create a wind stream along with his particular forehand, permitting him to maneuver quicker inside it and chase his targets extra successfully.
    • “air ace” Wrastor performs his highly effective charged assaults within the air as an alternative of on the bottom.
  • storage – Kragg’s again 2 opponents He’s nonetheless the primary defender of the large ethereal jungle. Willful and constant, he is without doubt one of the infamous wall runners who patrol the rock wall. In contrast to different wall runners, Kragg has the legendary potential to regulate the Earth at his will.
    • “Rock Hurl” – Kragg can pull a stone from the bottom and throw it at opponents. After he lets go of his palms, the rock turns into a strong piece of the stage that may be damaged off by Storage or different gamers.
    • “protection ball” – Kragg can roll right into a ball and roll in direction of enemies. Though it may be broken whereas in ball kind, it can’t be expelled far.
    • “Earth Pillar” – Kragg can summon a pillar from the bottom to his toes regardless of the place he’s. If Krag was about to fall to his dying, this transfer may shortly change his place.
  • quick – Fleet makes her competitors debut in 2 opponents! This hero from Dungeons of Aether is the self-proclaimed protector of the town of Jewelsville, although she was seen extra as a bumbling menace than a hero.
    • “Jewel of the Wind” – Fleet consumes stamina together with her particular neutralizer to energy her bow. Her subsequent arrow fired by any means would entice her opponent in a twister that might explode after a couple of seconds!
    • “Windbreaker” – Fleet’s Ahead Particular creates a wind stream, which is later adopted by a twister. This enables it to create prolonged compression and combo alternatives.
    • “select pocket” – When the fleet is out of stamina, she will be able to restore it by consuming meals from the battlefield. She will knock out a few of her opponent together with her Pummel Particular or throw meals together with her Getup Particular.

Watch the trailer beneath.

Fleet trailer