Justin Wong is commentating his grand finale match for Capcom vs. SNK 2 on the Texas Showdown Championship

A lot of the commentators right here within the combating sport neighborhood are in fact energy gamers in their very own proper, however they don’t seem to be often required to do each on the identical time in occasions.

Legendary participant Justin Wong took double responsibility at Texas Showdown 2023 this weekend commentating on his finest 8 matches at Capcom vs. SNK 2 together with his grand finale.

Regardless of the stacked arc, JWong would commentate all of his first 4 CvS2 matches from the stage whereas Mr. J remained on the counter to carry the fort.

In opposition to the Texas Showdown CvS2 champ from 2022, umthrfkr, is ready to take the set 2-0 earlier than being dispatched by Japan’s Coates | Bas to the class of losers.

Justin would defeat Silentscope in Losers’ Ultimate to get one other shot at Bas on stage whereas remaining on his mic, which is unquestionably spectacular for him to face towards world class opponents.

Wong is clearly not talkative when within the participant’s seat, however he nonetheless feedback on the match and gives insights into his personal methods in addition to what his opponents try to do.

Justin acquired quite a lot of expertise taking part in and speaking on the identical time from his broadcasts though this can be a bit like a distinct beast once you’re on stage at a match and attempting to have a dialog together with your commentary companion.

Though he had nice success breaking the basic Sagat, Vega, and Chun-Li, JWong would fall within the grand finals to Bas as soon as once more, which didn’t appear so ripped.

The highest 8 CvS2 gamers at this yr’s Texas Showdown occasion is a blast with extra gamers participating similar to Combo Fiend, RonOasis, Ericturbo and Sonic_O, so go test it out. HXCGaming’s Twitch Archive If you happen to miss reside.