Heavy blow from Ukraine. Deeper operations behind the entrance

A number of explosions rocked Melitopol, a metropolis in southern Ukraine occupied by Russian troops, on Monday, the place town’s mayor, Ivan Fedorov, is loyal to authorities in Kiev. He expressed hope that “excellent news” would come from the Ukrainian armed forces.

Occupied Melitopol mayor: Russians construct dragon’s enamel

In occupied Melitopol, Zaporizhia province, the Russians erect strong anti-tank boundaries. Dragon’s Enamel – He wrote on Sunday …

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“A number of explosions have already been heard within the metropolis. Right now we decide what the residents began the hearth. We’re ready for excellent news from Ukrainian Armed Forces” Fedorov wrote in Telegram.

Later, the mayor mentioned there have been explosions, together with close to Russian camps.

Melitopol is situated within the southern a part of the Ukrainian province of Zaporizhia. Representatives of the Ukrainian army have mentioned in latest days that town is a logistics hub for Russian troops and that the Russians are shifting folks and gear by Melitopol.

Ukraine attacked a railway depot and minimize off electrical energy within the Russian-occupied metropolis of Melitopol behind the entrance traces, Reuters reported.

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